Fabulous Family Spaces

Hold the Living Room,

Be honest: If you have a formal living room in your current home, as well as a family room, how often do you use the living room? Is it once a week, once a month or only on holidays? If you are planning to build, think about where your family really lives; if it’s in the kitchen, breakfast room and family room, put your money where your time is spent. Building a home with a Great Room only, rather than a formal living room and a family room, will save on square footage and allow you to invest more of your resources in amenities and details. Plan AX-4315 flaunts a Great Room with an interesting stepped ceiling and a handsome fireplace flanked by built-in bookshelves and a home entertainment center. http://www.officecarpets.com.au/commercial-carpet-melbourne/

Family Functionality!

Family time is a precious commodity these days. When all members of the family are at home at the same time, chances are they have many different things to do, prepare for and work on. Plan B-88015 is one example of designs that allow many family activities to occur within sight or earshot of each other. One person can finish after-dinner chores in the kitchen while another works on a school project at the table in the breakfast room. One family member can catch up on the news in front of the family room fireplace while another surfs the Internet at the computer in the loft above. This is family togetherness, ’90s-style!

Let the Outside In!

Modern technology allows families to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while safely sheltered inside. The family room in Plan HDS-99-154 uses direct-vent, gas-fireplace technology that lets home owners enjoy a fire with the flick of a switch or the wave of a remote control. Direct-vent fireplaces vent straight out through a wall and require no chimney. This allows home owners to take advantage of outdoor views by placing windows above the fireplace. This exciting family room features stylish arched windows above the fireplace, and an entertainment center nearby.

Arched Excitement!

Some gathering spaces possess a special quality that instantly attracts people and draws them together. The living room in Plan LS-94041-E isjust such a place, with graceful arches on all four sides defining the area. Round-topped windows let in streams of natural light. The two-sided brick fireplace is accentuated by an arched opening to the kitchen and the eating nook, as well as by arches topping the wet bar. The volume ceiling creates a heightened feeling of spaciousness. This room has all the visual and spatial elements of an inviting and warm area in which to gather. How could your family not be drawn to it?

Angles Abound!

Multiple angles create visual excitement and interest in the family areas of Plan S-4789. The Great Room’s corner fireplace, accented by stylish columns, adds drama, while the bay window of the adjacent dining area lets in plenty of light with its half-round transom. Sliding glass doors open to the rear patio, allowing the family to enjoy the view and the outdoors. The angle motif continues overhead, with a tray ceiling heightening the appeal of the area. If you are building a family-oriented home in which to raise your children, consider spaces such as this one, that encourage the family to share their time together and create memories that last forever!

Vacation Hideaway for the Family!

Whether you plan to build near a lake, the ocean,mountains or woods, Plans H-1427-3A & -3B take full advantage of the view, with a Great Room that is sure to please. The plans are narrow to accommodate almost any lot, and they are wide on visual appeal, with plenty of windows to overlook the natural surroundings. A large skylight brings in additional light. These designs are sure to offer years of family fun.

Being a Cash Buyer in a Highest and Best Offer Situation

Familiar with the expression, “Cash is King”? Over the past few years in most markets with so many distressed properties available, the cash buyer has been able to greatly capitilize on purchasing homes for reduced prices in comparison to other like-properties on the market. office fitout We have experienced an enormous amount of cash buyers in the Palm Springs market, and even though being a cash buyer does give an advantage, the price savings aren’t as large as they were 6-18 months previously we are seeing in many areas. Why? Because banks are taking more financed offers that will enable them to net more profit than taking a lower cash offer- and they are tired of being “lowballed”.

Here are some tips for being a cash buyer in a highest and best offer situation for your home purchase:

1) Have your agent verify how many other cash buyers are offering on the property. If there are no others, then discuss with your agent what your best offer should be based on your advantage of not needing financing. home extensions Melbourne If there is another cash buyer or more, realize that you may not get the discount you were hoping to achieve; you have to beat those other cash buyers, so make sure this property investment is well worth it, espcecially in moneys needed after closing to personalize or rehabbing it.

2) If buying a fixer cash have a home inspection done, an estimate done for repairs, and try to earn instant equity for your efforts if possible. Sellers know that choosing a financed offer can be a risk with a fixer, as most lenders will want to make sure the home is up to code in many areas, especially with a FHA loan where repairs will need to be made and paid for most times by the seller before closing. A cash buyer in a highest and best offer situation on a fixer has a big advantage- just make sure the property is worth it investment-wise and that the offer isn’t too low where the seller gets turned off.

3) If possible, have your agent request to close within 21 days on your offer for bank-owned or traditional-sale home
If it is a bank-owned home, the bank would like it off their books so they will like to see a cash buyer ready to close quickly if the offer is high enough for them. flood restoration Brisbane Short-Sale transactions should always put a minimum of 30-45 days upon acceptance because the bank is still working with the current homeowner and delays will inevitably occur. In a traditional-sale, where the home owner is not in default with their bank, the seller may like to close that soon of course, but your agent should ask the listing agent how quickly the seller would like to close before putting on an offer.

4) Still ask for a home warranty, all transfer taxes/fees, pest inspection, costly repairs, or any other requests within reason
Many times the listing agent will say the bank or the seller won’t pay for one or some of these requests, but I have seen many times the seller decides to pay- especially when there is a good cash offer with a shorter closing date. Remember, the listing agent doesn’t make the decision; the seller makes the decision and sometimes they don’t want to rock the boat with a buyer. Now your requests can be countered or rejected outright, but you never know until you try.