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Servicing Your Volkswagen

In previous years, it used to be that a person had to make a place in their free time to take their Volkswagen in for it’s routinely scheduled maintenance. Now that is all in the past with Elite Euro. Elite Euro offers Volkswagen owners the option of having the technician come to them. When booking your appointment to have your Volkswagen serviced a trained technician will answer and ask several service directed questions in order to pin point exactly what your automobile may require. The technician will also assist you in booking an appointment that is convenient for you. A Volkswagen owner is even able to book standard Log Book services. Most of the services can be carried out within the same day without voiding your warranty. The best place to order Volkswagen spare parts in Perth┬áis a specialist European service centre such as Elite Euro.

All of the Elite Euro units are fully equipped so that the technician can preform their services with the needed state of the art equipment to make scans, quote prices, or make repairs. Technicians also continually update their skills with further ongoing technical training. If your Volkswagen is not able to be fixed at your location, then Elite Euro will have it towed to their repair shop where more complicated repairs will be done. Technicians will keep you informed of your Volkswagen’s requirements for it’s scheduled maintenance, total cost of repairs prior to starting, or even if it’s to big of a job for the mobile unit. Technicians use only Volkswagen quality parts that are specific to your vehicle or fluids that are made exactly for the systems. Technicians that work for Elite Euro are trained and qualified to carry out Log Book services on a variety of Volkswagen including newer models.

Elite Euro services goes beyond offering typical repairs, they also offer packages that allow the Volkswagen owner to book service plans for periods of one, three or six year. These service packages offer the Volkswagen owner the option to have their services records kept up to date, fixed price services brought to their location, inspection of fuel injectors, or a complete inspection of the vehicle. Elite Euro also offers Volkswagen owners the option of having other repairs done such as clutch repairs, battery replacement, or alternator replacement or repairs completed mobily.

The benefits of having a service like Elite Euro (the largest of it’s kind in Australia) service your Volkswagen is numerous. Knowing the technician working on your vehicle. Being able to watch repairs as they are completed instead of sitting in a waiting room. Knowing that your money is not only going to a quality technician but also into quality parts and fluids for your Volkswagen.

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