Image Enhancement

Using Cross Processing During Image Enhancement

Image enhancement may refer to several types of editing techniques. Cross processing is a common choice for this editing process. Cross processing refers to developing photos with cheap photo booth hire melbourne the wrong chemicals so the contrast shifts or the photos have an altered color hue when using regular film. In the 1980s and 90s it was considered vogue to add these elements to photographs to set a mood for the photography. Today, cross processing elements can be added to increase the impact of a photo or to add a faded effect. These effects should be used sparingly to avoid making the photograph looking as though it was not taken properly.

To use cross processing in image enhancement you will make liberal use of the curve tool. Using curves will allow you to adjust layers throughout the image without creating a barrier between the edited area and the original image. This makes it easier to give the appearance that the photo was developed a specific way, even if the image is in digital form. To perform this effect, alter the red channel by creating an S point on the curve setting. This will darken shadows and enhance red highlights throughout the image. Then alter the blue channel and add an additional S curve in the green, adjusting as necessary to give the diluted effect you desire.

Some editors choose to add an additional color layer on top of their washed image. You can use image enhancement to add a brown or yellow filter to give the photo a historical look. A blue or white filter can also be used to further wash the picture, giving it an overexposed look that can add tension or drama. Film companies often add green filters to make the film appear darker.

The treatment needed to properly add cross processing to an image will vary based on the original colors or exposure in the film. Save all of your work when you begin to take on image enhancement editing. You can always return to an earlier version of your image if you are concerned that the editing is not bringing on the effect you hoped for. You may also compare older or alternate versions of your image to determine which techniques bring out the natural beauty of the image, and which seem forced or artificial. Many copies of photo editing software have a shortcut so you can easily apply these options for testing purposes.

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